Hop Buddies #25 Chandler & Monica Hazy IPA 6x440ml

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Hello, do you have any beers? We’re out of beers. (Help yourself.) Are you okay? (Phoebe got her own hop buddies, I don't understand; am I so hard to blend with? Is this why I don’t have a hop buddies?) No, you don't have a hop buddies because... I don't know why you don't have a hop buddies. You should have a hop buddies. (I think so.) Come here, listen; you are one of my favourite hops and the most blendable I've ever known.
So for Hop Buddies #25 Chandler and Monica Hazy IPA 6.4% ALC/VOL, we’re bringing you the power hop couple, Mosaic & Rakau. Prepare for hints of mango, apricot & plum; just don’t pick up any new European habits of kissing all your friends goodbye.
Everyone knows a Chandler. The joker, the clown, the transponder. Everyone knows a Monica, an organised, loyal, queen bee type. We all know who we are. Woop-ah!


ABV: 6.4%