Hop Buddies #26 Penn & Teller Hazy IPA 6x440ml

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And now direct from Las Vegas please welcome the 26th instalment of Hop Buddies, Penn & Teller. Good evening, my name is Penn Jillette and my partner Teller, we are Penn & Teller. Several years ago we did a series of documentaries for television where we travelled all around the world seeing street brewing in all different cultures, and about every brewer we met had their own version of the Hazy IPA and all around the world the trick didn't change very much, but the hops did. So to zoom in and do a Penn & Teller version of the Hazy IPA showing our secret preparation of using Eclipse and Cryo Idaho 7 hops and revealing the flavour profile of sweet naval orange, pine and marmalade.

ABV: 6.4%