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Woah that's good Squishee #2 Sour Ale (Peach & Passionfruit)

Behemoth Brewing

Woah that's good Squishee #2 Sour Ale (Peach & Passionfruit)

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Woah that’s good Squishee! We have taken our new Slushy Fund
Series and taken it up to ridiculous levels of fruitiness! Like a Squishee that is all syrup. If you are reading this and at the same time saying "sweet Jebus that is
fruity!", It is because we put in insane amounts of Peach and slightly less insane amounts of Passionfruit to make a Super Squishee. (I know it is an alternative way of spelling that, but I think we have come pretty close to gathering the glare of a certain Mouse Mascot run corporation on other labels.) So go on, enjoy! If it is a bit too intense, share it with a friend!

ABV: 7.0%