Behemoth Cream Soda Ale - 24x330ml 4% ABV

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An Excitingly Different Drink at Home, at Parties – for All your “FUN TIMES!” Do something different – drink something different instead of the drink you just order by habit – treat yourself to drink the drink you’ll really welcome – wake up your taste with an exciting, frosty cold Cream Soda Ale. No other drink picks you up like Behemoth’s Cream Soda Ale. Okay enough cheesy soda advertisement lines. So, vintage soda adverts were pretty wild, also asking you to drink one 3 times a day for 8 days. Make sure to practise moderation when drinking, what you do have here through is an Amber Ale with a hint of coffee and vanilla flavours that’ll remind you of the taste of a creaming soda.
ABV - 4%