Deep Creek Solera 2021 Labelled 6x750ml - 6.7% Aged Golden Sour Ale

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Well here is something a little left field; a bit different. Many of you know that we contract brewed our beers with Deep Creek Brewing for over 5 years (a little bit even after we built our brewery in Mt Eden). We both brewed New Zealand’s second ever hazy IPA with the same yeast strain. We drove from Mt Eden to Silverdale multiple times a week; all and all it was fair to say we were tight with the whole Deep Creek Brew Team. 

2023 was a hard year, and the economy continues to be tough at the moment but once we heard that they went into liquidation we started thinking of what we could do to help. The first thing we did was to hire two of their staff and get Hamish (DC Brewery Manager) to come and help us out in the madness that is the brewery leading up to Christmas. This was not us helping them, it was them helping us. Cheers guys.

But what else? Well, long story short, in the end we bought the entirety of their 750ml Barrel Aged Beers from the liquidators with the plan to work out a way for the proceeds to go towards helping those Deep Creek Staff who missed out on their hard earned wages and holiday pay. We are now able to do just that. 

We are offering these beers exclusively online with 50% of proceeds going to those Deep Creek Staff. These beers usually retail for $30 per 750ml bottle (with the love, care, time in barrel and expertise these beers take, it is well worth the price). We are now offering cases of x6 bottles for $120. These beers are good to drink now or to put in the cellar for 2-4 years.

Deep Creek Solera 2021 Labelled 6x750ml - 6.7%  Aged Golden Sour Ale