Flying Spaghetti Monster - 440mlCan (Caseof12)

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Grab your colander hat and strap in for a celebration of both earthly and otherworldly pleasures. No need to wait for the beer volcano, why not make your own. Flying Spaghetti Monster Hazy Double IPA, with a hazy golden hue reminiscent of heavenly pasta strands,
each sip is like a saucy embrace from the great Noodly One itself. Delight in the aromatic hops of Mosaic, Amarilo & Riwaka. So expect citrus notes, while tropical undertones transport your taste buds to a dimension beyond the meatball universe. Enjoy, as the Flying Spaghetti Monster beams down its blessings upon your parched palate. Crafted with the
utmost devotion. May your pasta be saucy and your beer divine!


ABV - 8.0%