Hop Buddies Puppies and Kittens Hazy IPA - 12x440ml

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A new addition to the Hop Buddies series, for the 36th instalment we have the cute, cuddly and in this case mildly frightening Puppies & Kittens. Who doesn’t love puppies & kittens? No one, yeah I thought so too - So we put together a delicious Hazy IPA that
you’re sure to appreciate at least a percentage as much. Infusing together two Kiwi hops Nectaron & Taiheke, giving you intense tropical and stone fruit flavours, alongside hints of grapefruit & lime in a deliciously refreshing juicy Hazy IPA. Don’t worry though, Churly puppies & kittens don’t exist and can’t hurt you.

ABV: 5.8%

Can barcode 9421037551210

Case Barcode 942103755122