Box of Juicy Hops Fridge Filler 24x330ml

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Always wanted something juicy? Well, now we have the beers for you!
Grab 24 x 330ml beers that won't take up thatttt much room in the fridge.
It's almost curtain call on Juicy Lawless, so grab some while you can; once she's gone, she'll be gone for good. 

🍺 Juicy Lawless Kiwi Hopped Hazy IPA 12x330ml 6.2%
🍺 2 x Box of Hops #8:

  • 2 x Extra Extra Read All about Hops Extra Pale Ale 330ml 5.7%
  • 2 x Hops are Yum Hazy IPA 330ml 7%
  • 2 x Chur NZ Pale Ale 330ml 5.5%
  • 2 x Something Hoppy IPA 330ml 5.9%
  • 2 x Me Time Mosaic Hazy IPA 330ml 6.8%
  • 2 x Brain Smiles Hazy Pale Ale 330ml 5.4%

Niiiice and Juicy and Hoppy... What more do you want for $64.99!