Lower Alc Hazy Fridge Filler - 1 x 24x330ml Adulting Session Hazy IPA and 1 x 24x330ml Napoleon Complex Miny Hazy IPA

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We know you have to adult sometimes. So we made this seriously hoppy but session-able Hazy IPA with Riwaka, Mosaic, Mosaic Cryo and Idaho#7 hops. Massive fruit flavours and aromas without the massive alcohol so you can still adult if you need to. I’m Adulting!

The Napoleon complex is named after Napoleon, the first Emperor of the French. Common folklore supposes that Napoleon compensated for his lack of height by seeking power, war, and conquest and let's be honest we all have that one friend who thinks they are bigger than what they are. What this Mini IPA lacks in stature, it makes up for in massive amounts of Wai-iti, Cryo Pop, Motueka and Mosaic hops bringing you big bold in ya face flavours and aromas that will definitely hold their own against something much bigger than it. I was gonna tell a joke about Napoleon complexes… But it fell short. Enjoy this little beer that thinks it’s big.

Adulting Session Hazy IPA ABV: 4.5%

Napoleon Complex Mini Hazy IPA ABV: 2.5%