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Nectaron Dynamite IPL 6x440ml

Behemoth Brewing

Nectaron Dynamite IPL 6x440ml

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To brew an awesome India Pale Lager, you have to have sweet skills. You know like bowhunting skills, nunchuck skills, computer hacking skills... People only want IPLs made with great skills. So we have probably made the best IPL we know. It’s like an IPA and lager mixed... brewed for skills in magic! For Nectaron Dynamite IPL 6.2% ALC/VOL we have taken a butt load of Necteron hops and brewed it with our house lager yeast to make something super smooth but super hoppy at the same time (think pineapple, stone fruit and citrus). If you don’t like lagers, well you just might be a FREAKING IDIOT. But don't worry, you’ll like our hops, they're real big! It will go real well with a dang quesadilla. Why don’t you just make a normal IPA you say? Cos we will do whatever we feel like. GOSH!

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