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Squid Game Squid Ink Black IPA 6x440ml

Behemoth Brewing

Squid Game Squid Ink Black IPA 6x440ml

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Round 1 - Red light, Green Light! Stop fast enough? If not, you're probably a goner!
Round 2 - Honeycomb. Cut out some sweet candy shapes! Hope you get an easy shape or are ok with cheating. Otherwise, you are probably a goner!
Round 3 - Tug of war. Strong or got a sweet strategy? If not, probably a goner!
Round 4 - Losing your marbles? If so, you are probably a goner!
Round 5 - Glass stepping stones. This one was pretty f##ked. You are probably a
FINAL ROUND - Got past the glass? Only a 50% chance you are a goner!
Congratulations. You are rich but this s##t has messed you up pretty bad! Maybe time to sit back and enjoy a crazy black IPA made with squid ink. We have taken a
classic West Coast IPA, dry but big hops along over a solid malt base then added a
bit of squid ink to give its black appearance (and also how else were we going to do a
freaking Squid Game beer?). Don’t get yourself into too much debt to try this beer. Unless the above round sounds good.

7.2% ALC/VOL