You come to work, you do no work, you eat the fruit Salad - Passionfruit & Kiwifruit Sour Ale - 12x440ml 5.5% ABV

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Welcome to the ultimate workday escape
plan in a can
A beer based on some old school friends
that may have not been the most diligent
of employees back in the day. Dedicated
to those who may have taken liberties in
their part time jobs growing up, and to
their bosses that had to put up with them,
where each swig is a rebellion against the
daily grind. Of course those people went
on to be accountants, lawyers and all that
kind of stuff.
From humble beginnings come delicious
sours, You Come to Work, You Do No
Work, You Eat the Fruit Salad! packed with
juicy passionfruit and the cheeky tang of
kiwifruit, this Sour Ale is tart and incredibly
refreshing. Work? Who needs it when
you've got a fruit salad in liquid form?


ABV - 5.5%